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Ron Paul, the Mogambo Guru and Me
by Michael Nystrom
August 20, 2007

I was up in Nashua, NH today to see Ron Paul. He gave a great speech, and then he stayed around for over an hour after the event talking to supporters outside. When I got to talk to him, he told me - no joke - "I was reading the latest Mogambo Guru and I saw that he mentioned you, and I thought, 'Hey, I know Michael Nystrom!'" He looked at me with a big grin, laughed and said, "Hey, you're famous!"

That's the kind of guy Ron Paul is. He reads the Mogambo Guru, too! He's kind and funny and jokes around. But he also knows his stuff, and he is serious about spreading the message of liberty.

He said more and more people are waking up to this issue of fiat money and the unlimited government spending that it makes possible, and that the internet is a great place for people to learn about it. I told him that he gives people the courage to know that they are not alone out there - that there are many others with the same thoughts and ideas. He said that for him, it was reading Ludwig von Mises and others (all those years ago) that gave him that same feeling - that he was not alone.

Dr. Paul is a hero precisely because he has protected the fragile flame of liberty, keeping it alive during very dark times. In one interview I heard online, he mentioned discussing with some other old timers - colleagues in the cause of liberty - what would happen when they all passed away? Who would carry these ideas on to future generations?

There is no need to worry about that now. As Dr. Paul says, it is the young people who energize this campaign, and they could be seen in full force today! Ever humble, Dr. Paul often says he feels so honored to be a part of "our" revolution. In his speech, he says this is not so much a new revolution as a continuation of an old revolution...What we need in order to restore the liberties we've lost is to legalize the Constitution!

Dr. Paul joked around with me that I'm famous, but he is the famous one, and growing more so everyday. He says hundreds of new supporters join the campaign every day. Today's event was a GOP fund raising event, but it was completely dominated by Ron Paul supporters. In his speech he said to thunderous applause, "1913 was a bad year. We need to repeal that entire year!" It is amazing to find so many people so knowledgeable about the significance of that year in American history. I thought it was just me and a few other Bull! Not bull readers who knew that 1913 was the year that both the Federal Reserve and the income tax were established.

The support for Ron Paul is real. The mainstream media is intent on ignoring it. To spread the message, we're going to have to do it both 1) the old fashioned way - one person at a time, and 2) the new fangled way - through the internet! Our constitutional republic is slipping away right before our eyes. Dr. Paul is our last best hope to return the country to the principles upon which it was founded.

For more information on Ron Paul, please check my other site, the Daily Paul - www.dailypaul.com, and his official campaign site - www.ronpaul2008.com.

Today is Ron Paul's birthday. He is 72 and with more energy than people half his age.

Happy birthday, and thank you Ron Paul. ---

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