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The Right to Know What’s In Your Food

Posted on February 28, 2006
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From The International Medical Veritas Association (IMVA)

Big food corporations and the biotech industry understand that consumers are more and more concerned about food safety, genetic engineering, and chemical-intensive agriculture, and are reading labels more closely. They understand that pesticide and mercury residues and hazardous technologies such as genetic engineering and food irradiation will be rejected if there are truthful labels required on food products.

The House will vote March 2, 2006 on a bill that would gut state food safety and labeling laws. H.R. 4167, the “National Uniformity for Food Act,” lowers the bar on food safety by overturning state food safety laws that are not “identical” to federal law. Hundreds of state laws and regulations are at risk, including those governing the safety of milk, fish, and shellfish. Large supermarket chains and food manufacturers, spearheaded by the powerful Grocery Manufacturers of America, are pushing the bill.


Medical News Commentary:

This is just one more example of modern day fascism*, an example of big corporations and governmental officials teaming up to harm the public. The American government has perfected the great lie and the magician’s power of misdirection. They lead the gullible public’s eye abroad to fear the Islamic terrorists to keep those eyes away from an even greater terrorism at home. There is no greater terrorism then the deliberate manipulation of the food and water supplies, and in this American corporations and governmental officials have no equal. Never has a group of people existed that so enjoys poisoning people and denying the dirty deed.

Think of all the people today who are obese, who have diabetes, who have cancer. Why is that? Americans who eat supermarket food and drink public water supplies are almost guaranteed to get sick because of the thousands of toxic chemicals placed in them, and because of the ongoing stripping of commercial foods nutritional value. The government and the medical industrial complex have no intention of letting the public know that the foods they eat no longer contain the same nutritional value they did fifty or a hundred years ago. And certainly they do not want the public to be fully aware of how many pesticides are in the food and how dangerous it is, especially to children.

The American public is caught between a rock and a hard place, between the hammer of declining nutritional value in food and the anvil of increasing toxicity in the air, water, and food they rely on for life. This is nothing less than catastrophic for civilization, yet educated men and women in the health and medical fields abandon all reason and stonewall the public’s consciousness of what is going on.

Dentists of course did not want us to find out about the mercury they have been putting in our mouths for over a 150 years. The pediatricians still do not want you to know that they are injecting mercury into you and your children’s bodies when they give the unnecessary and unhelpful flu shot. Health officials do not want you to know that the fluoride put in your water and toothpaste is a potent poison. Coke and Pepsi certainly do not want us to know that their diet drinks laced with aspartame is just another poison hazardous to your health. Nor that their normal soft drinks are full of phosphates that strip the body of its magnesium. The list goes on and on, and the basic business of the rich is the poisoning of the population and the environment.

It is the fortunate person today who eats organic and has enough money for all the supplements, detoxification and chelation agents they need to regain or maintain their health. But true to form the medical fascists at home attack the need for supplements and make fun of doctors brave enough to step out of the box, and suggest chelation and detoxification procedures. Meaning there is a mindset in humanity that wants to make sure you and your children will suffer. Sickness has found a new home and name in the arrogance of these people who litter their walls with professional degrees that are supposed to give legitimacy to their ignorance.

There is the kind of mental arrogance that exists today that would rather see children and adults suffer endless torment than face the outrageous wrongness of their thoughts and actions. Actually there is nothing new about this; it has always been what fascism has been about. The day of reckoning is upon us and too many have already paid the price. There is no time to be nice, there is no time at all to avoid what is coming, and what has already been dumped on top of us. There are those who cleave to the system and defend it and resent any communication that points out our wrongness and need for change.

It is time to end the lip service and outright evasion that Congress has been devoting to its most flagrant scandal - the money-soaked symbiosis of lawmakers and Washington’s runaway lobbying industry.

The shape of the apocalypse is already upon us, the manner of the deeds of the evil ones clearly outlined. So great is the onslaught that no one can completely defend against it. No one can escape the pollution in the air or all the poisons creeping into the food supplies. Even organic foods are slowly being attacked by the Rising Tide of Mercury that is blanketing the entire Earth like an invisible radioactive chemical cloud, as well as by the genetically modified foods that are spreading out everywhere.

The courageous and the brave fight on and resist evil wherever they find it, even if they find it in themselves. There are many definitions of evil but surely one of them has to include the deliberate poisoning of our children and the denial that there is anything wrong with doing that, simply for the sake of making money. Sadly though they will continue to just do exactly that for they do not intend to be stopped.

* Note Mussolini’s definition of fascism: “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of State and corporate power.” — Benito Mussolini (1883-1945)


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11 Comments so far
  1. larry ross February 28, 2006 6:38 pm

    wow/complements to your insite. you are very much more than an economist. your article should be handed out to each new medical student and their corporate sponsor, oh i mean instructor. i labor at typing,excuse. you nailed it sir. i mean, if we have to live toxic, they could at least clue us in to the ways of detoxing! never happen. they took over a hundred years to develop this pickling process…it is sooo good for buisness. most of the native citizens our western (toxic) societies displaced may not have developed B-1 bombers but they knew the value of not messing with mother nature. we are the self proclaimed progressive, aggresive, most fit leaders of our species.

    great, where will we live and who will have us?

  2. ron March 1, 2006 7:35 am

    In view of the above articles, lets not forget that Rumsfeld was responsible for perhaps millions of American deaths from cancers (from his aspertane) before he killed a single foriegner. No wonder these megalomaniacs have no problem with D.U. weapons that are spreading radioactive material worldwide and poisoning the earth for millenia,
    they are completely devoid of conscience.
    The first article exposes the Republicrats true commitment to market economics. Thier M.O. seems to be to socialize corporate risks and liabilities and privatize all gain.

  3. Scott March 1, 2006 10:58 am

    When the public chooses a particular food item simply because it tastes good, and not because it is healthy, food suppliers respond with more of the same. At what point do you start to hold yourself or the everyday man accountable? Some of the biggest voting people do is with their pocketbooks. Come on, next thing I’m going to hear on this site is that we must resist BIG FOOD. How about resist the urge to grab another diet coke?

    We must remember that corporations from small to large sell products that will make money. And I, for one, am certainly glad that people actually have a reason to go to work. I am glad that competition exists, because I like being able to go to the store and purchase a product or service WITH MONEY(something that represents the value of my labor) instead of some sort of physical or verbal coercion.

  4. Administrator March 1, 2006 6:56 pm

    Dear Scott,

    Thanks for posting to my site. I appreciate a wide variety of opinions, because I think we can all learn from different perspectives.

    Your question about where you draw the line on responsibility is an excellent one, and one that was addressed in Time on June 7, 2004. Here is the link:


    No doubt individuals bear responsibility for the choices they make about what to put into their bodies. But why has obesity become a national epidemic, and why has the percentage of obese people increased every year? As you said, the food industry is in business to make money, and like many businesses over the past few decades, they have become increasingly efficient. They have so much food on their hands, they have to find a way to get rid of it, in order to keep increasing their profits. Businesses must grow or die under our current system. The best way is to increase portion sizes because people like bigger portions, and people like sweet things. It is part of our biology.

    As I walk through my local Shaw’s – the dominant grocery chain here in Boston – there is very little “food” that I would deem edible. There is an entire aisle devoted to soda. Soda is basically sugar water, has no nutritional value, and in fact is a leading cause of diabetes. Very profitable, though. There is another aisle devoted to chips. Another section of empty, even harmful calories. Also very profitable. Sugar is the first or second ingredient in most of the cereals in the cereal aisle. My point is that it is hard to find anything truly healthy to eat at the grocery store, because the food industry is not interested in nutrition, it is interested in money.

    The point of the article above is that the food companies, in cahoots with the government, are trying to make it even harder for consumers to take personal responsibility. If a state wants to have their own food laws, the Feds say no you can’t. The reason you can’t is because it may harm “Big Food.” And this from the Republicans, the ones who are supposedly for less Federal meddling and more power to the states! Yet another point in favor of the fact that government serves corporations, not citizens.

    Personally, I am not glad that people have a reason to go to work, if their work contributes to making the population fatter and unhealthier. After eating “Big Food” that makes them sick, they can go to “Big Medicine” that will give them some pills that will only make them sicker, thus the need for more pills… At least everyone is employed, but the system as a whole is dishonest.

    I like money, too. I like the fact that money is a convenient store of value and a medium of exchange. Unfortunately, the inflationary practices of the Fed also undermine our money and endager the global financial system. If you’re interested, here is an excellent article to pursue the matter further.


    Best regards,

  5. Administrator March 1, 2006 7:01 pm

    Dear All,

    Here is the summary of an excellent book on the topic:

    Food Politics
    How the Food Industry Influences Nutrition and Health
    Marion Nestle, Ph.D., M.P.H.



    We all witness, in advertising and on supermarket shelves, the fierce competition for our food dollars. In this engrossing exposé, Marion Nestle goes behind the scenes to reveal how the competition really works and how it affects our health. The abundance of food in the United States—enough calories to meet the needs of every man, woman, and child twice over—has a downside. Our overefficient food industry must do everything possible to persuade people to eat more—more food, more often, and in larger portions—no matter what it does to waistlines or well-being.

    Like manufacturing cigarettes or building weapons, making food is very big business. Food companies in 2000 generated nearly $900 billion in sales. They have stakeholders to please, shareholders to satisfy, and government regulations to deal with. It is nevertheless shocking to learn precisely how food companies lobby officials, co-opt experts, and expand sales by marketing to children, members of minority groups, and people in developing countries. We learn that the food industry plays politics as well as or better than other industries, not least because so much of its activity takes place outside the public view.

    Editor of the 1988 Surgeon General’s Report on Nutrition and Health, Nestle is uniquely qualified to lead us through the maze of food industry interests and influences. She vividly illustrates food politics in action: watered-down government dietary advice, schools pushing soft drinks, diet supplements promoted as if they were First Amendment rights.When it comes to the mass production and consumption of food, strategic decisions are driven by economics—not science, not common sense, and certainly not health.

    No wonder most of us are thoroughly confused about what to eat to stay healthy. An accessible and balanced account, Food Politics will forever change the way we respond to food industry marketing practices. By explaining how much the food industry influences government nutrition policies and how cleverly it links its interests to those of nutrition experts, this pathbreaking book helps us understand more clearly than ever.

  6. Mohan March 2, 2006 3:33 am

    Food not only nourishes the human body but also helps in the healing processes. What majority of the globalized human populations are consuming now due to the proliferation of highly processed/GM foods is already having an adverse effect on the way people live and age in this modern era.

    What we should recognize is different types of food have intrinsic properties that can alter brain function, similar to that of drugs. The more processed/altered the food the more likely it will affect the body and brain chemistry and thus human behaviour, which inturn leads to innumerable diseases and unfortunate dependance on pharmaceutical drugs to establish the so called normality of function (healthy mind-body state ?). Although modern medicine claims to increase general life span of the modern humans, but the quality of life a majority of people lead, especially when one gets older is one of medical and societal dependance more $$$$. No wonder the hospital systems in the world over are failing to cope and health care is becoming a major problem for governments and health insurance companies more than they care to admit.

    Inspite of the obvious indicators and great body of knowledge that points to the need for quality and simple nutrition, modern societies are now increasingly depending on corporate supply chains bringing in highly processed and gene altered foods to the market place with questionable nutritional value. Anyway, the end result of all this is proliferation of billion dollar pharma companies selling “wonder drugs” for symptomatic treatments while things get steadily worse for people and their hip pockets.

  7. River March 2, 2006 6:41 am


    Thank you for the article. After a long bout with CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) I came to the same conclusion as you about the supermarkets. When I look back, I cannot believe how much junk I was putting into my system - it is no wonder that I got sick. My system was overwhelmed with toxins - it is no wonder I was so tired all the time. My body was doing everything it could just to deal with the crap that was going in, there was no energy left over for daily living.

    Now I eat very simple foods - lots of fruits & vegetables, organic when possible, no more coffee - it has a short term benefit with a long term cost, and lots of tea and water. It is amazing how much more energy I have now. My body has become so sensitive to foods that when I do eat crap — chips or other processed foods — I immediately get a headache, or some other form of dis-ease. It is all the more reason not to eat unhealthy food, and it becomes a self-reinforcing cycle.

    At some point, people must take personal responsibility, for what goes into their body. For most people it will take some form of personal health crisis - a heart attack, or some other event. For me it was CFS. After living in Asia for some time, I was shocked to see how large portions are in American restaurants - had they gotten bigger in the years that I was away? At any rate, my girlfriend and I need only order one entree when we go out - it is more than enough for two!

    My suggestion for those who are interested is to research the american diet on the net. There is an amazing amount of research out there, and with the internet there is really no excuse for not being informed.

    Peace. River

  8. Scott March 2, 2006 9:58 am

    Listen, I can agree with you that people hold on to some ridiculous and sometimes crazy motivations for why they do certain things. Why is a potentially harmful substance in foods? Maybe IT IS because someone in government made a bad call or were looking out for their friend in industry.

    But I can also tell you that I get extremely annoyed at people for buying the stuff. For myself (meagerly health conscious that I am), I sure wish I had more selection for nutritious foods. But there isn’t going to be unless people take a concern for their PERSONAL health. I mean, since we’re talking about food, let’s also address the health care problem in America. Oh, but while we’re at it, why don’t we just address every single social issue known to man. Obesity and (subsequently) type II diabetes is a huge problem in the US and I think it makes us all look like a bunch of spoiled consumers who gloat in our excesses. I’d hate to see us someday say “hey it was a wonderful blessing to have what we needed when we needed it. Why did we have to take it for granted and lose it all?” And I happen to enjoy a soda every now and then. But that does not mean that I or should anyone else drink soda like it comes out of the kitchen faucet. I’m not sure why you(Michael) chose soda for the case in point, because obesity has nothing to do just soda. It’s about a lifestyle of excess. That’s what makes me laugh about the Adkins diet. We eliminate carbohydrates (which are actually good for us) just so we can keep shoveling in the same VOLUME of food in our mouths. Same thing with sugary breakfast cereal. Ever notice that they tend to target kids? But it is not the kids who buy the cereal. Where are the parents who have the guts to say no? And obesity results not just because food is cheap. The price of food is simply the vehicle that makes this sort of excess possible.

    I am not intending to be contradictory, just please hear me out.

    Is government making it harder for people to choose? Well I don’t know about that. But what I can tell you is that 5 grams of trans fat is staring me right in the face on the nutrition label of a box of such and such and it might even be on the front in big bold letters if it is 0 grams. Same thing with the content section of that label. I know when I am buying something with hydrogenated coconut oil or monosodium glutamate in it. Anyway, the whole point is that the food industry did not give anyone type II diabetes. They’ve done it to themselves. We don’t say that the motorcycle industry has caused so many motor accidents. WE ALL KNOW THEY’RE DANGEROUS.

    In like fashion as foods, when I go to the store to buy a non-food product, I am increasingly met by “made in China”. Now this bother me not simply for the standard reason that it is not made in America. It is also not made in England, Germany, or some other bulwark of quality manufacturing. How long does this made in China product last and how well does it function? It matters not. What does matter is that it was the cheapest product available. It pushed other quality products off the shelf. And it did so by the purchasing decisions of your fellow citizen. Nutritional products at the grocery store parallel the same scenario. Which is exactly why I am overwhelmed by foods with MSG or aspartame and strawberries that look big and red, but are not hardly so sweet.

    Michael, I really did enjoy your discussion on the national and global financial system(trust me, I read it before you said anything) and will continue to enjoy your intellectual comments.

  9. real1 March 2, 2006 11:28 am

    Wow , what a day for silver !!

  10. ron March 2, 2006 4:28 pm

    While the public does have a responsibility to make appropriate choices we shouldn’t forget that some people, perhaps naively, expect that the FDA is actually looking out for them.
    Huge tax favored budgets are allocated to pushing junk food.
    When Americans question food safety, like Oprah, they can face lawsuits. Competition is undermined when it is illegal to label your product BGH free.
    Income generating activities run a wide spectrum ethically.
    Fortunately most endeavors are more mutually beneficial than selling poisons as food.

  11. Rich March 3, 2006 11:05 am

    Silver! Yeah!

    You can eat/drink silver, so there is a tie-in to this thread!

    Colloidal silver, its good for you. It’s a great antibiotic!

    I think we need a thread on the Iranian Oil Bourse and the M3 issue, and who can predict what will happen next.

    This could be a turning point and we could be closely watching this event to see if what we collectively are looking at is actually the real story.

    It’s at times like these when our ability to pierce through the corporate media BS (they are ignoring both of these critical issues in the mainstream) can actually help us accurately predict the future! These opportunities are pretty rare.

    Personally I think these are the potential outcomes:

    Israeli jets strike an Iranian Nuke lab, that happens to be close to the Oil Bourse.

    Iranian Ayatollah/President suffers a major stroke on March 15th.

    Russia, China, India and certain European nations pull their support for the Oil Bourse at the last minute.

    The Bourse moves ahead as planned, but its impact is masked by the removal of M3 numbers by the Fed. The plan being to let the dollar progressively slide, but for inexplicable, undetectable reasons.

    Whaddya think?

    Cheers Rich

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