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World's Most Famous Harvard MBA:
George W. Bush

April 1, 2007

Salon.com: The Dunce
Bush's former Harvard Business School professor recalls George W. Bush not just as a terrible student but as spoiled, loutish and a pathological liar.

LA Times: President Wanted, MBA Not Required
GEORGE W. BUSH is the first president with an MBA (from Harvard Business School, no less), but it's not clear that being a master of business administration has made him a better chief executive. The disarray in Iraq, the debacle after Hurricane Katrina these aren't exactly the kinds of triumphs that the alumni office likes to boast about.

BusinessWeek: Bush in Iraq: A B-School Case Study
It's a conversation heard more and more around the halls of Harvard Business School these days: One of President George W. Bush's unique qualifications for office was his Harvard MBA. Yet the mess in postwar Iraq has revealed a lack of the careful planning that Harvard teaches its elite clientele.

Kind of makes you think twice about what having an MBA from Harvard really means.

Doesn't it?



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