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Transcript of Mike Wallace's interview with Bob Woodward on 60 Minutes, which can be viewed and heard online at Yahoo! here

Posted Tuesday October 3, 2006

Mike Wallace: Cheney stunned Woodward by revealing that a frequent advisor to the Bush Whitehouse is former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, who served Presidents Nixon and Ford during the Vietnam war.

Woodward: He's back. In fact Henry Kissinger is almost like a member of the family - if he's in town he can call up, and if the President is free, he'll see him.

Wallace: Woodward recorded his on-the-record interview with Cheney, and here is what the VP said about Henry Kissinger's clout:

Dick Cheney: Of the outside people that I talk to in this job I probably talk to Henry Kissinger more than just about anyone else - he comes by I guess at least once a month and I sit down with him.

Woodward: And the same with the President?

Cheney: Yes, absolutely.

Woodward: Bush is, I understand, a big fan of his.

Cheney: Yes - a big fan of his.

Wallace: What's Kissinger's advice?

Woodward: In Iraq he declared very simply, victory is the only meaningful exit strategy. This is so fascinating. Kissinger is fighting the Vietnam war again. Because in his view, the problem in Vietnam was that we lost our will. That we didn't stick to it.

Wallace: So Henry Kissinger is telling George W. Bush to stick to it: stay the course.

Woodward: That is right - it is right out of the Kissinger playbook.

A fascinating interview - watch the whole thing here

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