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Employee Owned Web Hosting!

Bull! Not bull is hosted by Dreamhost - a 100% employee-owned company. Dreamhost is NOT a faceless monolith. They are good people just like you and me offering a good product with good service at a good price. They have been hosting Bull! Not bull since almost the beginning (I started out with a different, crappy host that I was unhappy with, then switched to Dreamhost almost immediately after a friend (in Taiwan, of all places!!!) told me about them (when you're good, word travels)). I have been with Dreamhost for 2-1/2 years now and am more than satisfied.

Excellent product, excellent service, and all the capacity than you will ever need! Start your own website or blog now! Dreamhost has one-click installs for Wordpress (which is what the BNB Blog runs on) and other great server-side programs. I highly recommend them for any hosting need. When your site gets bigger, you can always make the switch to a dedicated server in a snap!

If you are looking for quality service, look no further. If you've got a host, but you're paying too much for hosting, then make the switch today! And: Sign up with Dreamhost and use promo code: BULLNOTBULL and get $19 off your bill!

Not convinced? Go ahead and compare features and prices. When you're done, come back here, sign up with Dreamhost and save $19 while you're at it. You won't be sorry.


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